Best E Liquids

E-Liquid CollageHi everyone, and welcome to the site, where we’ll be sharing our thoughts about what we feel are the best e-liquids on the market for discerning vapers today.

I say “discerning” vapers, because, truth be told you can buy juice just about anywhere, and in any flavor and strength. There isn’t one particular company out there that has a monopoly on “the” best liquids.

Generally speaking, however, I prefer an e-juice that is made in the USA, and under stringent quality controls – like the FDA registered labs we now see being used by some of the companies. I think that more and more, people will be looking for that type of reassurance as vaping becomes more popular.

Also, I like e-liquids – or companies that make them – that are very open about the ingredients and that help the individual to understand what’s in the juice, and why it’s in there. Usually we will see this from a top e liquid brand, and those are the companies that I stick with

And, unlike the early days of vaping when the only thing we had to look forward to when it came to flavors was “regular or menthol” – like with regular tobacco cigarettes, today there are so many different flavors to choose from. So, here at, we’ll be looking at which companies offer more diverse offerings as well.

Sometimes, my vaping buddies and I trade e-liquids – kind of like a swap – where we’ll share and compare since we all tend to have different tastes. That might be something you and your group of vaping friends might want to consider doing as well. This way, you can try different flavors and brands of e-liquid without making a purchasing commitment right away.

Also, if there are any vaping lounges near you or within an easy commute, you might check out whether they offer samples. The vape store near where I live definitely does this, and it’s a good idea since again, it offers an opportunity to “try before you buy.”

So, here we go – I’ll show you what some of my favorites are in the “big name” e-cig companies, and hopefully these reviews will help you decide to try one – or all – of them! Alright – let’s continue!