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E-Liquid CollageHi everyone, and welcome to the site, where we’ll be sharing our thoughts about what we feel are the best e-liquids on the market for discerning vapers today.

I say “discerning” vapers, because, truth be told you can buy juice just about anywhere, and in any flavor and strength. There isn’t one particular company out there that has a monopoly on “the” best liquids.

Generally speaking, however, I prefer an e-juice that is made in the USA, and under stringent quality controls – like the FDA registered labs we now see being used by some of the companies. I think that more and more, people will be looking for that type of reassurance as vaping becomes more popular.

Also, I like e-liquids – or companies that make them – that are very open about the ingredients and that help the individual to understand what’s in the juice, and why it’s in there. Usually we will see this from a top e liquid brand, and those are the companies that I stick with

And, unlike the early days of vaping when the only thing we had to look forward to when it came to flavors was “regular or menthol” – like with regular tobacco cigarettes, today there are so many different flavors to choose from. So, here at, we’ll be looking at which companies offer more diverse offerings as well.

Sometimes, my vaping buddies and I trade e-liquids – kind of like a swap – where we’ll share and compare since we all tend to have different tastes. That might be something you and your group of vaping friends might want to consider doing as well. This way, you can try different flavors and brands of e-liquid without making a purchasing commitment right away.

Also, if there are any vaping lounges near you or within an easy commute, you might check out whether they offer samples. The vape store near where I live definitely does this, and it’s a good idea since again, it offers an opportunity to “try before you buy.”

So, here we go – I’ll show you what some of my favorites are in the “big name” e-cig companies, and hopefully these reviews will help you decide to try one – or all – of them! Alright – let’s continue!

I know some of the labels you see on e liquid websites are pretty, funny, comforting, or whimsical. A lot of the colors and images appeal to the child in every vaper and some claim that’s a problem. Then there are many vapers who prefer the sweet and colorful flavors over the traditional tobacco and menthol flavors.

Responsible vaping organizations are not supposed to market their products to children or even young adults; people who, potentially, haven’t started smoking. Since e cigs first came out as a smoking alternative, it would be irresponsible to market them in such a way as to attract new vapers from the non-smoking public, especially with so much flack coming from the government.

I kept that in mind when I chose the top 5 e juice brands in the United States. The ones that top this list are tasty but have also designed responsible packaging using professional mixing and bottling methods, all on US soil. Also make sure you look into the best e liquid reviews to get more information on the top brands.

Vaporfi E Liquid

There are three series at Vaporfi, two of them reserve styles for sub ohm vaping, the other a standard mixture. Vaporfi’s quality expectations set a very high bar other firms should be striving for.

They operate out of an approved, certified lab but they have also registered their e juice formula with the FDA. Going that further step shows that Vaporfi wants to cooperate with the FDA and foster a positive, responsible image for their part in the industry.

Vaporfi offers pre-made flavors but also a custom mixing service, so you could come out with anything from a simple menthol vape to a complex cookie and cotton candy mixture.




Halo E Juice

Halo’s American facility churns out several flavors of award-winning e liquid which is often stocked with artisan brands, yet Halo is more forthcoming about the company’s methods and standards of blending e liquid. Using USP ingredients, they create both regular and sub ohm e liquids, the latter of which are just high-VG versions of 8 standard varieties.

One of my favorite aspects of their menu is that Halo focuses on traditional tobacco-types of flavors such as Prime 15 with a rich, nutty finish; Turkish tobacco; spicy Midnight Apple tobacco; and a pipe-style called Captain Jack.



Volcano E Juice

The original Volcano line and their premium sub ohm series are both American-made lines of e liquid. Their first series contains a 50/50 mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) and is bottled in childproof containers. The labeling is simple: just a color appropriate to the main flavor.

That’s green for Aloha Apple and Blue for Blueberry Breeze. They also make Candy Cane, Bonzai Banana, and several sweet styles along with tobacco and menthol types of e juice for traditionalists. These are also great for making home-based blends.



Apollo E Juice

I’m not a big fan of some of the labeling, but the standard line at Apollo is basic, functional, and non-offensive. This company is well-known for the high standards of their US-based lab where work is supervised by a chemist and flavors contain ingredients such as USP PG and VG plus 99% pure nicotine.

Try their 50/50 Melon Cucumber, a refreshing Cherry Limeade, or Baja Burst which tastes like citrus soda. All flavors are developed, tested, bottled, and stored in the United States.



Five Pawns

This is the country’s number one maker of premium e juice. Visit their website and get a load of the facility where they mix and bottle e juices in 500-bottle lots.

This small number assures quality control of their complex, highly touted, and expensive flavors. But Five Pawns is worth the expense with flavors like Gambit, a complex apple pie type, and the simpler Bowden’s Mate vanilla-chocolate-mint vape.

All of their e juice styles are layered and intriguing, like Castle Long made with two types of vanilla flavoring and featuring the flavors of Kentucky bourbon and toasted almond and coconut.



How E-Liquid Saves You Money

E liquid can cost anywhere from 30 cents per milliliter to over a dollar depending on the brand you buy, so it is very possible to wake up one day and realize that smoking was cheaper.

Overall, however, vaping is cheaper than smoking, especially when you graduate away from the most basic systems and start looking at e juice and technology with an eagle eye for savings.

From the Beginning

Viewing the progress from disposables and pre-filled cartridges to refillable systems really helps to expose the potential for economy here, so that’s where we will begin.

Mini cigs sold as non-rechargeable units contain a cartomizer (atomized cartridge) filled with e juice, about 1 ml or slightly less. This e juice usually contains propylene glycol and sometimes vegetable glycerin, flavoring (menthol and tobacco are most common), and nicotine.

Typical disposable e cigs in the US contain from 1.8% nicotine to about 2.4%, sometimes more.

NJoy disposables contain more than 4%. Some countries are not permitted to sell e cigs as alternative means of nicotine delivery so they must contain 0% nicotine. Assorted brands offer alternative flavors such as cherry, grape, or vanilla.

Disposables are recycled or disposed of and cost about $6 to $12 in stores, $3 to $12 online. Each one supposedly represents at least a pack of cigarettes, so savings depend on how much a pack of cigs costs in your neighborhood and how long a particular e cig lasts in reality.

They are seen more as a way into the e cig market for smokers than as a means of saving money in the long run. Rechargeable systems are more economical than disposables with the widest selection online compared with in-store selection.

Rechargeable E Cigs

A system you recharge is fitted with cartomizers containing e juice in one of a firm’s assorted flavors, at least tobacco and menthol.

It is more typical for this type of product to offer 5, 6, or even 12 flavors of e juice like grape, vanilla, cherry, coffee, chocolate, and peppermint as opposed to the limited disposable array.

The usual menu consists of whatever is popular and likely to sell in sufficient quantities plus occasional special edition flavors. The nicotine range from most companies is from 0 to 2.4% with a few exceptions.

Refill packages usually contain 5 cartomizers and range from $6 to $16, equating to between $1.20 and $3.20 per/ml of e juice. You already have a battery which will last 3 months or more, so the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes effectively costs about $6. That’s pretty good going if you live in one of the states where cigarettes are especially expensive.

If you buy Volt e cigs from Smokeless Image, they list some of the cheapest prices for all of their products resulting in a cost of about $4 or $5 per pack. Green Smoke, Halo, and V2 are all affordably priced and their menus feature some of the styles listed above.

Here’s how you make e liquid work for your wallet: buy refillable blank cartomizers instead of filled ones. Halo, V2, VaporFi, and others all sell these as optional attachments for their cigalikes. When you purchase e liquid by the bottle from any of these companies, your cost per/ml comes down considerably.

Take a 30-ml bottle of VaporFi e juice, for example. Priced just $15.99, that’s just $0.53 per/ml. Now, vaping costs the equivalent of a few dollars compared with a pack of cigarettes at $6 or more.

EGO Vaping

Vapers aren’t stuck choosing the same brand of e liquid as their hardware. They can search around for better value, although they could be sacrificing quality.

VaporFi and Halo make some of the best-quality, even award-winning American e juice money can buy. That being said, there are many fans of decent e liquid made in the USA costing less than Halo or VaporFi’s e juices.

Mount Baker Vapor, Vista Vapors, and others sell inexpensive brands. Their basic blends are suitable for cartomizers and also for simple clearomizer coils as seen in the Halo Triton, VaporFi Pro, and the V2 EX Series blanks.

With these units, you could be saving even more money because the coils don’t get clogged up as easily and they are efficient. Starter batteries tend to be less cost effective than eGos such as the Joyetech eGo, Innokin CLK, and the Kanger EVOD which cost less than comparable versions from VaporFi and Apollo. Meanwhile, vapers experience a host of flavors but also the lower costs of vaping with Chinese brands of hardware.

Subscriptions and Clubs

It’s possible to save even more money as a vaper, or to stick with costs as they are but obtain better-quality e juices. In the first instance, join a club like the Blend of the Month Club at VaporFi which nets you assorted deals while you receive monthly e liquids. Some firms send out a free bottle of e juice with orders over a certain value.

Then there are subscription deals. Subscriptions take a lot of the weight off if you find choosing e liquids a hassle because you don’t really know what you like yet.

Sign up for monthly deliveries from ZampleBox or Craft Vapery. Firms like these will record customers’ general preferences and use those to determine whether they should receive tobacco and nut styles, mint and menthol, fruit, spice, baked goods, candy, or cereal-type e juices.

Their e liquids are typically artisan styles supplied at a lower cost than retail but clients don’t know what they will be getting month by month. Customers can say they don’t want to receive a particular flavor so that one doesn’t end up in their box, but otherwise they pay less to play a guessing game and accept any brand from those chosen by the company.

This way, vapers discover what they do and do not want for the future. Eventually, many of these customers go on to leave their subscription and just buy what they want directly, but if they vape everything in the box these customers are paying less than retail for artisan e juice.


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