Award-winning Halo E Liquids

Halo E-LiquidsVapers first got to know Halo E Cigs when they bought their G6 e cig and fell in love with this smoking alternative. What they soon found out, however, was that refilling blank cartomizers with e juice or upgrading to a tank system was cheaper. Halo e liquids gave customers a high-quality option and have since netted Halo awards from e liquid publications and competitions.

Top-Shelf for Less

Numerous vendors that only carry high-end e liquids include Halo among the gourmet, small-batch collections on their shelves. These are shops where customers buy e juice that costs 80 cents per/ml or more, so you know vendors and vapers must think highly of Halo’s e liquid.

Taking the High Road

Halo has also insisted on making mostly menthol and tobacco e liquids. Whereas many companies blend 20, 30, or 100 fruit, candy, cocktail, and dessert e liquids, that is part of the controversy surrounding vaping. Some are of the opinion that those types of flavors encourage people to pick up a vaping habit and try nicotine when they might have never smoked. Whether you believe that or not, their focus on traditional tobacco-style flavors has led to a quality collection. It grows slowly and is consistently well-made. Numerous nicotine levels are available too.

Halo E Liquids and Quality

Choose a Halo e juice and you are sure of enjoying a high-quality product. They make their e juices without diacetyl, USP-grade nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol, and top their bottles with child-proof caps. Their bottles are topped with droppers and are cobalt blue: not just a stylish choice but also one designed to prevent UV rays from wrecking your e juice. Their flavorings are FEMA/GRAS which is better-than food grade; better than most food flavorings out there.

Enough Flavor Choices but Not too Many

Halo E Cigs recently added a new flavor to their menu called DEVLIN: smooth caramel. Customers who spend $19.99 or more receive a free 10-ml bottle of this US-made flavor. Other flavors include Turkish (a Middle Eastern tobacco style), Prime (earthy and dry tobacco), and Tiki (tropical dessert tobacco). They make SubZero, a very cold mint/menthol plus a milder version of Menthol. Each bottle costs $5.99 for 7 ml or $19.99 for 30 ml.

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