Low Cost Mt Baker Vapor E Liquids

Mount Baker Vapor E LiquidsThe guys at Mt Baker Vapor have worked together for over five years, quitting smoking with e cigs and e juice. In that time, they have amassed a large fan base of customers who appreciate their multiple flavors, customizable flavor blending, and the low cost of e juice at Mt Baker Vapor. Usually, this company shows up on the charts as America’s cheapest e juice. Find out more about what they have to offer.

A New App

Mt Baker Vapor released an app recently. Put this on your handheld phone and gain access to their e liquid menu anywhere and everywhere. View new flavors and shipping policies. Browse hardware too. Place an order before you even get off the bus taking you home from work.

Mt Baker Vapor E Liquids

E juice gave Mt Baker Vapor their start. They started out by delivering flavors to the homes of local consumers only, but business was so good they are one of the top e juice companies in the United States. Select a single flavor that is totally simple: a lot of vapers are more than happy to keep things simple when it comes to vaping. They do not need the most complicated flavors costing $22 for a 30-ml bottle.

Customize with Flavorless Ingredients

Choose the max-VG (vegetable glycerin) or a high-PG (propylene glycol) blend depending on the type of clearomizer or tank you are using. High-VG gives you lots of clouds but you need a dual-coil build. Mt Baker Vapor didn’t need to add an artisan-style e juice for sub-ohms with their custom blending service. The price for e juice starts at $4.99 for 15 ml. Sizes go right up to 236 ml and you can select up to 24 mg of nicotine. Zero-nicotine is also available.

Select your E Juice Flavor

Pick out a standard fruit like strawberry or licorice. Pick out two and mix them. Select a much loved style like G Men with guava and menthol. Buried Treasure is their newest e juice; a vanilla berry and butternut style. Mt Baker Vapor’s website is structured so you can filter results and wind up with a manageable list of possible flavors instead of the entire menu of tobacco and dessert-type e liquids.

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