Mix Up Your Vaporfi E Liquids

Vaporfi E LiquidsDon’t just stick with the same old styles of e juice you can buy anywhere: at Vaporfi, they want you to be inventive. You can do so much better than plain old strawberry or tobacco. In fact, at Vaporfi, they encourage consumers to do something unusual and interesting with their flavors. Have you eaten a cheesecake combo that takes your fancy or thought of a tobacco and fruit blend that could create an aromatic result? Just log on to Vaporfi and see what they can do for you.

Mix Your Own

Customers don’t literally blend their own juice: they select up to three flavors (or multiple shots of one or two flavors) and tell the Vaporfi team to look after the blending part. Several nicotine levels are available, with no-nicotine option also offered to those who want to kick that particular habit. Pick out some simple flavors for your blend. Make a pre-mixed pairing more complex like one of the gourmet, expensive juices, only you won’t pay as much for the privilege of getting what you want. If you like the sounds of concoctions on their website, try one of those.

Many Pre-mixed Flavors

These include styles like Strawnilla Custard, Nuts Over Caramel Apple, Watermelon Mojito, and Tropical Cherry. Choose a tobacco type such as Tobacco with Vanilla and Cream or Tobacco Cherry Bomb. Each 30-ml bottle is priced just $15.99 and is made right in the United States by this popular e juice and e cig company from Florida. An artisan Reserve liquid series was developed for sub-ohm vapers to help them make thick plumes of vapor.

High Standards from Vaporfi E Liquids

Vaporfi insists on keeping their standards high. Ingredients are kosher and USP-grade. They use only top-rated Malaysian Palm glycerin to avoid problems with allergies. Their formulae have been registered with the FDA and are mixed in an FDA-registered lab is spite of the fact e juice and e cigs are not FDA-approved. Flavorings more than satisfy the FDA: they are GRAS or Generally Regarded as Safe. You won’t find diacetyl in their e juices either. That’s an ingredient known to cause “popcorn lung,” a life-threatening illness, which is found in some low-cost e juices.

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