Bargain-Priced Vista Vapor E Liquids

Vista Vapor E LiquidsVista Vapor E Liquids are some of the cheapest out there. This company, started by two men with inspirational ideas about setting a good example for their children, makes numerous flavors. Browse them by category to narrow down the selection: otherwise, it will take a long time to read every flavor alphabetically.

Categories of Flavors

Search for fruit flavors. Look up candy styles. Select Tobacco and Menthol types of e juices. Consider dessert and drink flavors. Vista Vapor has also added a thick e juice for advanced machines and sub-ohm vaping.

Vista Vapor E Liquids: Flavors

Some examples of their flavors show the overlap between styles. Some candies are also fruits; certain fruits are also tobaccos. Consider Apple Candy: candy and fruit. Caramel Cream is dessert and candy. Other styles include Kiwi Watermelon, Cowboy Tobacco, and Tobacco Royal. Select one of several nicotine levels or go without nicotine to enjoy just pure flavor.

High-Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Juices

Their Clouds and Seas series were designed for vaping at high-watts and sub-ohms. You will find they are too thick for most low-tech systems (mini cigs or basic eGos.) Their Alto Stratus is a sour candy/fruit blend. Atlantic is simply caramel.

Prices of E Juice

Bottles of basic e juice cost $4.99 and are packaged in plastic. High-VG juices are bottled in glass and are priced $11.99 for 30 ml. You can also buy DIY products for various prices.

Quality of Flavors

You get what you pay for to a point. It is possible that you won’t find these e juices to your liking: a product this cheap can’t be as good as a gourmet product. Their blends are uncomplicated, so if you want something complex, order several flavors to mix or even make your own.

DIY E Juice

The people behind Vista Vapor started out as amateur mixologists with a variety of flavorings, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. They know that inspiration and hard-work can result in excellent flavors if you have the right tools, so they strive to supply some of them. Check out their cataloge to find out what flavorings are offered along with propylene glycol and VG. Vista Vapors also carries e cigs and accessories to their online customers.

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