Volcano E Liquids Review – From Hawaii

In 2009, when Volcano got their start, I wonder if the founders foresaw some of the controversy and regulations that would follow within a decade of their launch. You might notice that Volcano is a bit more transparent about their e juice manufacturing standards than a lot of gourmet companies.

Transparency at Volcano

They don’t match Vaporfi’s level of transparency but at least vapers know a thing or two about the quality of Volcano e juice before they start to puff which is more than can be said for numerous companies; the ones that will have to go through a lengthy overhaul of their practices before their futures are secure.

Perhaps Volcano will be spared some of the inconvenience to come. While they will still have to undergo FDA inspections and register like everyone else with the cost of applying for certification, I can’t see the company having to go through major changes which will cause financial stress or prompt lay-offs and narrowing their professional focus.

Why Volcano Will Thrive

Pair their existing standards and popularity with other firms falling away, resulting in less choice, and Volcano E Cigs could be about to experience a surge in interest from eager vapers. While competition is reduced by legislation, the number of vapers probably won’t decline. Consumers know they are onto a good thing now and will hold onto that good thing as tenaciously as they can.

Volcano E Juice is also poised to become a big seller because they always performed well in the market place. Shoppers appreciate their honesty and quality. They did not like the prices, but there has been a price drop recently. Also, Volcano E Cigs offers a tasty variety of flavors and added a sub ohm range recently.

Two Series

If you ignore additional brands carried at Volcano, shoppers will find just two lines from the company: their regular series and the Lava Line.

This latter menu consists of flavors named for volcanoes from around the world: Grímsvötn of Iceland, land of fire and ice; Diamond Head from Hawaii, Volcano E Cigs’ home; Vesuvius of Italy, one of history’s most famously destructive volcanoes; and Japan’s Mt. Fuji which features in so much art and many postcards from that country. Their flavors are original and the base is thick for complex coil builds.

The original line consists of several styles, but there is a lot of emphasis placed on fruit. This is, after all, a Hawaiian brand and the island state is well known for its exotic produce like guava and coconuts. These and other fruits like lychee, lime, banana, and apple feature in their regular e juice, styles varying from authentic and ripe to candy or baked goods.

Other styles include coffee types, of course, because Hawaii is well-known for the Kona bean. Blends are recommended for each single flavor such as Kona Coffee with Ry-Four or Salted Caramel; Milk Chocolate with Bonzai Banana or Coocoo Coconut.

If the nicotine level you want is in stock, Volcano’s range is 0 to 24 mg per/ml. A 15-ml bottle was recently priced $12.99 which is steep, but a sale is on now which could potentially segue into new pricing policies. A 30-ml bottle still is far better value at $19.99. Buy multiples to save 10, 15, or 25% with the lowest price per 30-ml bottle at $15 when you purchase 10 at a time.

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